What Are SmartCity For?

We are building a multidisciplinary team, including academic researchers and community stakeholder to develop community-based partnership to address major social and economic issues in a holistic manner utilizing advanced Smart Safe & Connected (SC&C) technologies. We intend to: (a) identify the current critical and existing infrastructure issues affecting transportation and crime; (b) build a community-based partnership of stakeholders who share a common vision to improve our community; (c) Utilize advanced S&CC technologies to address community-wide transportation and crime issues. The planned community-oriented web portal will be deployed by leveraging state-of-the-art Web technologies, and will be open to the public. This web portal will enable research collaborators and community stakeholders to share information and visualize outcomes in real time.

We Analyze and Visualize Civic Data

The goal of this S&CC planning proposal is to build a partnership between various community stakeholders and a multidisciplinary team of academic researchers in order to develop research concepts that will promote and employ S&CC technologies to tackle the major factors affecting the economic progress of the region, by considering economic and social issues in a holistic manner.

Live Traffic Video Monitoring

This project aims to develop a real time video streaming monitoring service, and the developmental prototype built with Deep Learning techniques is shown below using the data from a Baton Rouge traffic camera from DOTD.